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8/19/2015 12:00 pm  #1

GOTY 2012 Mckenna Brooks

Mckenna Brooks doll (Goty 2012)

I really love the Mckenna doll! She is one of my favorite goty dolls! I got her for my birthday in 2012.

Appearance: Mckenna is a really pretty doll. At first I thought she looked too plain, and I almost decided against her becuase I thought she looked like MAG 39, but she doesn't (see comparison post). Her hair is a dirty blond color (stated as "caramel") and it's down to her bottom. I really like the color of her hair, it adds more diversity to her. Her eyes are average blue eyes (boo!) I would have preferred turqoise, but these are fine too. The best thing about her is that she has the Josephina facemold! She looks so cute like this!

Durability: She stood up pretty well considering how much I played with her! Her hair got pretty snarly though becuase I used the wrong brush. But otherwise it's easy to take care of. The only thing I would worry about is that, since she is a gymnast, her limbs get REALLY lose from gymnastics play. My doll has very loose limbs. But if you don't plan on playing gymnastics with her, she would most likely be fine. Her outfit is super durable too. No sparkly sequins or snaggy sweaters

Hair: I really REALLY like this doll's hair. It is nice and long and thick, so you can do a lot of styles. She also has no part which makes it easier to style, plus it looks really cute! Her hair is a really nice texture too. Not super slick, but soft enough to be pretty. Her hair comes in a half ponytail style, which doesn't mess up her hair, and is easy to redo. It comes with a light purple ponytail too which is soft and stretchy.

Outfit: Her outfit is super cute and really durable and easy to use. Her dress is really cute. It is turqoise and gray striped, and it has cool stitch lines to make it look like a top, skirt, and shrug, when it's actually a dress. It's pretty short, so it couldn't be worn without leggings. It's more like a tunic with a flowy bottom. It velcros halfway down the back and it's easy to slip off.  The leggings are shorter too, more like biker shorts. Their also turqoise and they have a purple starry ribbon design (Mckenna logo) on the corner. These have no velcro, but are super easy to get on. These leggings could also be subsituted for gray ones, and I think that looks cuter in my opinion. The shoes are super cute and unique for AG. They are light purple, with a bumpy texture on the bottom, and have blue ribbon straps across them. Almost like sneakers but cuter. Overall, I really love her outfit, it's very easy to use, and the colors look great together. She's also really flexible in this outfit, and it's perfect for a gymnast.

Book: I really like her story too! It's very realistic and relateable. I really enjoyed reading her books, and learning about the gymnastics which is also fun! 

Overall: I really love mckenna! Her story is great, her outfit is good quality, and she is a very pretty doll. She's not very unique, but she's a great addition to the goty collection, and she's easily one of my favorites!


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