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2/25/2017 2:35 pm  #1

Just Ignore This

Funny how a title like that makes you NOT want to ignore this. XD

Anyway, I'm literally all out of disc space on my Mac Mini... and my iPod Touch... and my iPad Mini... and my iPhone 7... and my MacBook Pro... and my iCloud account... I'm out of space EVERYWHERE. Thousands of doll photos, graphic design levels, and film scenes are smashed into hundreds of different folders and I just can't delete any of them! *wails* I save certain doll photos from different blogs and stuff for inspiration, but my computer literally can't take anymore. It was a pain just to load this site! Anyway. Instead of saving the files on my computer or putting the links in my Notes (I tried loading the app and it crashed twice! *wails again* I literally can't make a single note!), I'm putting the pictures here.

In which case, you really are an assassin, and I... think I have someplace to be. Please don't kill me, bye!

This Word Is Not Allowed Here hath no fury like a woman scorned[color=#888888]proverb a woman who has been rejected by a man can be ferociously angry and vindictive.[/color]

So ignore this, it's just random doll photos. XD I'm not going to link back to the original sites, these are just for my inspiration only. I'm not claiming them to be mine.

In terror, I hold my arm up as if that's actually going to stop the falling tree from crushing my bones and all of the sudden feel strong arms grab mine and pull me out of the way just in time. I look up with a gasp, half-relieved, half-embarassed to be looking up at the face of the man who just saved my life."We need to get out of here," he gasps as the thunder refuses to stop shaking the earth.I throw a hurried glance to both sides of the two fallen trees -- both my team and his have been crushed by their unforgiving trunks."Come on," the man shouts over the roar of the torrential downpour, grabbing my arm and helping me to my feet. I wince when I put pressure on my broken leg, and that's when the man wraps my arm around his shoulder -- despite his own broken ankles. We stumble to the nearby cave and collapse on the floor together, me with a gasp and the man with miserable groans.The man looks over at me, his face white with pain. I continue to pant, unsure of what to say."Who are you?" He finally asks me as flashed of lightning split the sky once more. We both wince as yet another tree crashed to the ground in the distance."Bounty hunter," I gasp between sharp intakes of breath as the pain in my shin intensifies.The man raises his eyebrows. "I've got one after me as we speak -- I owe people so much money," he half-laughs.I smile despite the blazing agony I feel. "If you don't want hunters after you, you shouldn't go into debt."The man grins. "My boss doesn't know half the places I get money to pay for the expeditions he sends me on."At this, I laugh. He continues, "He's always saying, 'Shoto, you are a mysteriously rich man for your age.'"My smile fades quickly. "Wait -- you're Jikan Shoto?"The man, now obviously Jikan, nods in confusion.I moan. "I'm Hora Sakenomi."Jikan's eyes widen. "Oh. You're the bounty hunter after me. And you also happen to be the bounty hunter I'm trying to kill."I laugh nervously.Jikan laughs nervously, too. "I'd say nice to meet you, but..."An awkward silence falls upon us until thunder claps again overhead, signaled by another blinding lightning strike. We both look at the other, each of us wondering what the other one is going to do. That's when we realize we are both as wary of each other as the other is of us.Despite the excruciation I feel in my shin, I stand up with a start. Jikan stands up immediately afterwards, and we each grasp the wall on our side of the cave. We stand looking at each other for several fearful moments, until I finally shake my head. "I -- I can't turn you in," I state breathlessly."And I can't kill you," Jikan returns without hesitation.When lightning splinters through the dark night again, Jikan and I both snap our heads to the tree that crashes right outside the cave opening. When it erupts into flames, Jikan and I both break out into nervous laughter again."That's really, really not good," Jikan states anxiously."The rain has stopped," I gasp in horror as the flames refuse to be refuted.Jikan shakes his head, gritting his teeth as he stares at the branches that crackle and break as the fire consumes them. He faces me again, grabbing my arm. "Do you trust me?" He asks quickly.I search his dark eyes, hesitant. This man had literally been hired to track me down and kill me. Trusting him was insane. "What?" I ask as thick smoke invades our air inside the cave, hoping he will repeat the question."Do you trust me?" Jikan asked again.I was going to die either way."Yes?" I answer unsurely, unknowing as to what on earth will happen next.Jikan tightens his grip on my arm and then ducks under the opening of the cave, leading me through the branches, fire, and smoke.Smoke stings my eyes until they fill with unshed tears, and agony acutely shoots up my entire leg. I grit my teeth and squeeze my eyelids shut in trust as Jikan leads me through the burning branches and blazing embers that scratch and burn our skin.When we're through the burning, smoking, tree-branch maze, my leg gives out. I'm unable to support my weight as I begin to collapse to my knees, but Jikan is still holding my arm. He catches me and helps me to my feet as I clench my jaw in pain. We stare at the tree in front of us going up in blazes.After a few moments of catching our breath and letting our heart rate return to normal, Jikan turns to me. "That was close.""It was," I pant. "Thank you."Jikan smiles and nods, then nervously laughs again. "Maybe now you won't turn me into Keisuke?"I smile, too. "I'd say 'Maybe now you won't kill me?' but you have no reason not to kill me," I laugh even more nervously.Jikan's smile sweetens. "No, I do."My mouth hangs open before I force myself to clamp it shut, feeling like I look stupi.d. Jikan finally looked past me at my side of the tree collision. "You still have a horse left," he nods. I turn around, careful not to move too fast for fear the searing pain in my shin might intensify."I don't know what Keisuke is going to say when I return without you or my team," I shake my head as I turn back to him."I don't know what my boss is going to say, either," Jikan says with a nervous smile."Well, uh -- thanks for not killing me," I tell him."Thanks for not turning me in," he grins.I turn my head around and call my horse, who is still anxious and frightened. I call him again, and he obediently trots over. Jikan lets go of one arm as I reach it up to grab my horse's reins, and then the other as I swing my leg over with a sharp intake of breath at the stabbing pain in my shin.Jikan mounts his horse, and we both meet each other's gaze a final time taking one last look of grieved silence at our fallen warriors on the ground, crushed under the trees. We then part our seperate ways, never dreaming we'd see each other again. * I wince at Keisuke's fully unleashed string of profanity. Obviously infuriated at me -- a young and naive bounty hunter just recently out of training -- Keisuke can't believe I've let one of his public enemies go."Sir," I interrupt him, daring to be audacious. "My entire team was killed in the storm. I could not have captured him.""Sakenomi," he began again as if that was the most riiduclous thing he's ever heard in his entire life. He stops pacing, continuing, "His entire team was killed, too. It would have been easy.""No, sir," I argue again. "It was a matched situation."Keisuke folds his arms. "Sakenomi, you've got a long ways to go."I don't respond, wondering what he means. When he dismisses me and I leave after a small bow of honor, I leave his office frustrated. What could I have done differently, anyway? We were each the other's mission. I couldn't have dragged Jikan all the way to Keisuke without a team helping me. But he, on the other hand, could have very well taken the chance to kill me at any moment -- so why didn't he?When I reach the end of the hall I'm walking down, I notice Name walking into the foyer of Keisuke's underground headquarters with an unfamiliar young man. I pass him on my way to leave and then stop in my tracks.I turn around in confusion. Was that a samurai? I obtain a better look as I watch him turn to walk down the hall with Name -- he isn't fully clad in armor but is still wearing slender silver shoulder guards as if he just came back from a mission. I fight the urge to snort -- what is an honorable samurai doing here? Their fancy armor, high code of honor, and tendency to turn many out-of-line bounty hunters in give them a bad rap around us. Simply put, we think they are brats. I look at my own slender metal shoulder guards and allow myself to snort.But right as I place my hand on the door handle leading way to the hidden stone stairs that ascend to the outdoors, I hear Name's hurried voice. "Hora!" She calls to me.I turn around. "Oh, glad you haven't left yet -- Keisuke needs you again," Name explains.I'm curious as to why he wants to speak with me again if he just dismissed me, but I quickly follow Name's brisk steps back to Keisuke's office.My curiosity intensifies when I see the young samurai warrior standing in the office as well -- Keisuke must want to see both of us. Keisuke looks at me and says, "Sakenomi, this is Hinoki Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto, this is Hora Sakenomi."Hinoki and I both slightly bow to each other and face Keisuke again, who jumps right into what he wants. "I need you both to work together on the Meiwakuna scandal --"At this, I can't believe my ears. "Work together?" I repeat, interrupting him.I still don't understand why Keisuke is so patient with me. He folds his arms. "Sakenomi, I find your tendency to interrupt your elders extremely frustrating.""I apologize, sir, but samurai?" I utter the word with disgust.Keisuke raises an eyebrow. "Problem?""Very much so," I return persistently. "Samurai and hunters don't work together.""Well, they will for this mission."I can feel Hinoki is trying not to laugh at me, but for the sake of Keisuke -- or me, I don't know -- he restrains his urge to titter."With all due disrespect to Ajinomoto, sir, I am not working side by side with that man.""Oh, you won't," Keisuke reassures. "He's in charge."The blood drains from my face as my mouth hangs open. I hear a muffled snicker from Hinoki who then forces himself to swallow it. I exhale in disgust once more, my cheeks burning.Once Keisuke finishes giving us the details of the Meiwakuna scandal, he then asks if I'm going to be capable of handling this mission due to my reluctance of working with Ajinomoto. My cheeks blaze scarlet again at Keisuke's remark, obviously intending to abash me. I lower my gaze slightly, ignoring his snide comment.When Hinoki and I are dismissed, Name leads us both out of the door and then turns to us. "You might want to leave immediately," she informs us, "if you are to get ahead start on the first phase.""Alright," I say quickly before Hinoki as the leader can give his consent.When Name shakes her head at us as if we're hopeless and then walks off, Hinoki turns to me with a smirk. "Against samurai?" He asks, amused."Against prideful snobs, maybe," I return.He raises his eyebrows. "I can see why you think that, but not all samurai are like what you think. Have you ever met one?"I let out a scornful laugh. "I'm talking to one.""And am I everything you think of when you think of a samurai?" He asks, less out of curiosity and more to tease me."I don't know who you think you are," I finally hiss. "You're here to turn to Keisuke in?"Hinoki raises an eyebrow. "Why would I?"My mouth hangs open. "You don't know," I say softly."Know what?""Never mind," I dismiss my careless words quickly.Hinoki raises another eyebrow. "Keisuke's doing illegal stuff?"I laugh. "Oh, no, nothing like that. It's nothing you should poke your nose into, however."Hinoki narrows his eyes. "So why did you ask if I was going to turn him in?"I change the subject immediately. "Shouldn't we get started?"Hinoki relents with a snort for now as we walk to foyer and ascend the secret stairs. We hurry to the back stables and choose horses. Once I mount mine, I say, "Maiwakuna is a very, very easy man to talk to -- it's his guards and bodyguards that are not.""I know that," Hinoki replied as we begin riding through the forest."Do you know Keisuke?" I finally ask, still befuddled about how on earth he would ever trust a samurai."Not extensively. I'm doing this mission instead a friend of mine because he was injured."Your friend is a traitor, then. I bite the words back and nod, saying instead, "Do samurai usually take on such missions?""Not usually, no. Do you usually question your co-workers nonstop?""Um, yes. Very much so."We duck under a low-hanging branch as the sun begins to slip behind the horizon. "Sorry, I have to ask -- how old are you?" Hinoki questions."How old are you?""Nineteen.""I'm eighteen.""So you're a new recruit?""Same as you -- with Keisuke, at least.""You're a bounty hunter at eighteen?"I roll my eyes in disgust. These samurai coudln't refrain from judging anyone. "I don't see a problem with it.""You hunt down people for money?"I turn my head to face him. "I don't expect you as a samurai warrior to understand -- but it's not like I'm murdering people, okay? They break the law and I find them and turn them in -- it's not wrong.""Okay, and what about the poor peasants who have literally no way to repay the loan they took from Keisuke? You hunt those people, too?"I open my mouth to say something and then struggle to find the words. Finally, I told him, "There's always a way. Posessions, life imprisonment, family --""Family? So you'll make them sell their own family into slavery to pay off debt?"I grit my teeth. Hinoki was making this sound terrible. "It's what they have to do, yes. It's what I have to make them do if they have no other way.""At eighteen?""I don't see the problem!""Alright, let me ask you this. Do you ever kill people for not paying their debt?""No," I blurt. "That's ridiculous. Imprisonment is all they'd need, push come to shove."Hinoki nods. "That's all I wanted to know.""Oh, I see how it is!" I exclaim indignantly. "You are a spy.""I have never made that claim.""Obviously not. Why would you?""Well, I'm not a spy. I'm a samurai going to do this mission for Keisuke and take my share of the profit, and I really could not care less about finding out any of their secrets."I snort. "Yeah, you're everything I think of when I think of a samurai and more."Hinoki looks at me, still not done with his questions. Less out of curiosity and more of concern, he asks, "You want to hunt people for the rest of your life?"I dagger my glare into his. "There is nothing wrong with it. At least, not according to our standards. I wouldn't expect a snobby samurai with the strictest code around to understand.""You're right -- I don't understand. There are so many bounty hunters out there who just murder the people who can't pay debts.""When can you stop judging people? Not all of hunters are like that."Hinoki just smiles as if I am a child. "You are so young and naive.""Excuse me?! You're only a year older -- you should not be talking."Hinoki titters at me. "Sorry. I really could not help it."When Hinoki stops his horse, he orders, "Stop.""Why?" I ask, continuing to ride."I'm in charge. And even besides that, you'd better stop."I let out another snort of disgust and pull the reins of my horce, slowing him to an abrupt halt. Hinoki then shushes me, and I feel about ready to turn around and punch him in the face. However, knowing he's an elite swordsman and I am not, I refrain.Then I hear the voices Hinoki must have heard before me. I freeze, trying to decipher who on earth was on Keisuke's hidden road at this hour at nightfall.When the voices subside, Hinoki makes no order for us to move again. He looks around, his eyes darting from in between tree to tree and even ahead at the branching canopy above us. Shafts of filmy moonlight break through the leaves and branches above in beams, lighting our path and adding to the eery silence that falls upon the forest.It's a tense five minutes as we wait. Hinoki doesn't order us to move and only looks around. I am dying to speak out and say something, but I have no idea who on earth the voices were and why Hinoki has paused for this long. Finally, after about another minute, he nods and starts his horse again."Uh, what was that?" I demand."People," he returns. "Wasn't it obvious?""What people?" I demand once more as the path begins to steepen."People we really didn't need to be meeting during this hour at night.""Who?!" I inquired persistently."I literally just told you."I clench my jaw and exhale in frustration. I can't imagine how on earth I am going to be working with Hinoki over the next five days.Not a moment later, we reach the top of the hill. We look back at the concealed canopy we have just emerged out of and I notice again how indescribably well-hidden Keisuke's headquarters are.And here's when the people on the road ambush.All of the sudden, our horses fall All of the sudden, our horses fall to their knees, Hinoki and I tumbling off of them. Luckily, they haven't reared, so we lay on the ground unharmed. The moment we stand to our feet, however, we notice the ten masked warriors standing around us."Drop your weapons," the first one orders, his rank of authority distinguished by the way he steps out from the crowd surrounding Hinoki and I."Not until we talk," I speak up before Hinoki can. This peeves Hinoki, but he doesn't say anything as the the first warrior answers me back."There's clearly nothing to talk about -- just drop your weapons.""Or what?" I quip back again just as Hinoki opens his mouth.The first warrior raises an eyebrow. "You're new, aren't you?""You're clueless, aren't you?" I return as I slip a quick leg-sweep at the end of my sentence, which begins war.When he falls to the forest floor, Hinoki groans in annoyance. "Hora..."Two masked warriors lunge toward me at once, to which I duck quickly and backfist them both one at a time. I'm rear-necked choked from behind, but I twist out of it and then tornado kick the face of the surprise warrior. Then I pull out my sword and deflect the dagger that comes striking toward my heart. When the next warrior round-kicks my jaw and I'm thrown to the ground, she crouches over me with her own dagger. I hurriedly leg-sweep her and then use the momentum to twist my body around and kick her in the face.Hinoki is faring about as well as I -- he's knocking out the masked warriors one by one until we're both staring at all ten of them lying unconscious on the ground.Hinoki turns to me with a glare. "That was pure luck.""I don't believe in luck," I return."We could have talked our way out of that," Hinoki grunts.I gesture toward the warriors on the ground. "With how serious they were? No.""Hora, if we are ever going to complete the first phase of this mission, you have got to let me lead."I fold my arms. "You really should not be leading this mission.""Well, I am, and there's nothing you can do about it." I glare harder, but Hinoki continues, "I really can't control what you think about me, nor do I care -- but if you want to fail this mission, go ahead and keep being immature."My jaw drops indignantly. I clamp my mouth shut, struggling again to find words. Hinoki finally finishes, "Just stink it up and accept the fact that I'm in charge, okay? It's not that big of a deal. We're still a team."My cheeks are flaming with embarassment and my insides with anger, but Hinoki ends the conversation by turning to his horse and beginning to mount. I reluctantly follow his lead, swinging my leg over my horse. We descend the hill and to one of the main roads in the forest -- as main as a mostly hidden one can be. We continue to ride on in silence for miles until we meet the second round of ambushers.This time, they toss sharpened arrows which barely miss my heart. Hinoki and I duck, and Hinoki finally orders our dismount. I slip off my horse and we flatten ourselves on the ground to avoid the flying arrow attack."Who's after us?" I break my end of the angry silence."Nobody we need to be meeting right now," he mutters back.I turn my head to face him, unable to take it anymore. "If you want me to obey and respect you, that's fine!" I blurt under my breath. "But we're still a team, right?! Then why do you hide things from me?"Hinoki turns to look back at me. For a moment, he looks at me as if he's about to refuse my question again. But then he says, "You're right."The arrows have stopped by now, and he sits up, to which I repeat. Hinoki then looks around while muttering, "GROUPNAME."I try to keep my face from paling in fear as the blood drains from it. Groupname is a terrible mixed group of disowned warriors of every sort -- samurai, hunters, and ninja alike. "And why are they after us?""Why do you think? Obviously one of us has wronged one of them." Hinoki then looks me in the eye. "Recount all of your missions."I dislike taking orders from him, but I obey. "I've only been on sixteen. The main one that comes to mind was a wanted assassin swearing revenge after I led a team of hunters in to capture him -- but he was sent to prison to await his execution.""Was he a ninja?""Yes.""Then he escaped. He might be after you.""I beg to differ. Recount all your missions.""Too many to count, Hora. I've had a lot of outlaws swear vengeance to me. This could be anyone after either one of us.""If they're after you," I say quietly, "that means they've been tracking you all this way?""Most likely. And if they're after you, someone inside Keisuke's group did you in.""But I'm a new recruit. Why would anyone --""You're young and naive," Hinoki tells me again. "They play off of that.""Stop calling me young and naive," I hiss between grit teeth."I'm sorry," Hinoki finally sighs, turning his head to look at me again. Then he rewords his statement. "People play off of new recruits because of their certain tendencies."I snort in disgust again. "And just because you're a samurai -- that makes you not-newbie enough to act all experienced?""Shh," Hinoki shushes me all of the sudden, looking away again as we are still crouched by our horses.I press my lips tightly together, although I wish Hinoki would quit with the secrets and let me in on what he's doing.All of the sudden, he grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet as he breaks into a run. "Run!"I rip my arm away from his as we pick up speed down the path. "Why?" I gasp."Quit with the questions!" Hinoki yells as we tear down the moonlit dirt road. "Just trust me!"I begin to turn my head to look behind ne, but Hinoki catches my action. "And don't look back!"I look back anyway and instantly regret it."What the heck!" I cry."What did I tell you?" Hinoki pants as we continue sprinting.I don't answer when the ground suddenly drops beneath both of us. We fall into a hidden pit, me with a horrified gasp and Hinoki with a grunt. We collide with the hard dirt at the bottom of the pit, and I moan at the pain as my wrists buckle from the impact. They throb and swell as I sit up and look above me."Thanks for leading us straight into a trap," I snap sarcastically. "Way to go."Hinoki rolls his eyes as he sits up, too. "They were after you," he mentions."Correction," I smirk unhappily as I point to the ten heads peeking over us from the ground. "They are still after me.""Drop your weapons in the hole," one of them orders.Hinoki goes out of his way as we stand up to dagger his eyes into mine, giving me a you-better-obey-me look that says let me handle this. Still looking sternly at me, he drops his weapons. It takes me a hard moment to relent to his command I don't agree with, but I finally reach one hand to the weapon belt around my waist and pull it off."Now climb out -- slowly," the same male voice above us commands.Ground level is the top of Hinoki's head. "Can you climb out on your own?" He grins to me before making a move to climb out himself.I don't think I can, but I am not letting him help me. "Yes." I bend my knees for momentum and then jump, my fingers barely grasping the dirt ahead. I pull myself up as Hinoki does himself, and we both step foot on the road.All ten warriors stare directly at me. "She's eighteen!" One of them guffaws. "She's the hunter you're after?""Quiet," the voice orders. "She's the one."He steps over to me, surveying me with his sharp eyes up and down. I can't say I recognize him, but I feel like I should. His distinguishingly piercing eyes seem to stab my very soul.Hinoki speaks up. "She's not the one."Sharpeyes looks over at him in disgust. Hinoki needs to get his carcass out of here, I muse. He doesn't need a newbie like me. I am keeping him from continuing on with the mission.Hinoki continues. "She's not the one you're after."Sharpeyes lets out a bitter, hollow laugh. "Oh, she's the one, alright." He grabs my shoulder with his wrenching grip and pulls me close to him, aiming a dagger that gleams moonlight at my heart.By now, my heart is sledge-hammering, and the blood has drained from my face in horror. I don't make a move as I stare at the dagger, then at Hinoki. They are serious about ending lives -- if he doesn't get out of here now, he is done for, too.But Hinoki keeps on. "Why on earth would you waste your time killing her when her boss hires hundreds more just like her that are just going to come after you again?"Sharpeyes, who has pulled the dagger away quickly to gain momentum for the stab, freezes in his actions. "Don't waste time with the weak ones. They're easy. Take out the big dogs while you still have the anger. Demolish the root of the problem, not every result."Sharpeyes' hand is frozen as if he can't decide what to do. I am frozen, too, but in terrorized fear."She's useful left alive," Hinoki then volunteers for me for something I'd really rather not do. "She'll lead you right to the root of the problem."Sharpeyes finally lowers the dagger, and I realize I have hardly been breathing this entire time. When he is no longer in the murderous position, I exhale in relief and breathe easier."You're right, samurai," Sharpeyes grins. Then he turns to me. "Where's your boss, kid?"My eyes flash over to Hinoki. Does he really want me to lead him straight to Keisuke?When Hinoki gives me a slight nod, I look back at Sharpeyes and nod myself. "He's -- he's back south," I force myself to say. Ugh, Keisuke is going to murder me for this."Then lead us to him," Sharpeyes demands.I look at Hinoki again in panic. What the heck are you doing?! He just nods again at me, and I look back at Sharpeyes in disbelief that I am actually doing this.Sharpeyes puts Hinoki and I at the front of the group and keeps us there with his warriors on each side. We walk side by side, retreating our steps we have just traveled from. If he had not just saved my life, I would be asking him what on earth he thinks he is making me do. But at this point, I kind of trust him.When we reach the fork in the road, we all stop abruptly as Sharpeyes demands, "Which way?"I catch Hinoki's eye, and he is obviously trying to divert my attention with his gaze to the road next to the one we traveled on. I finally answer, "Right."Hinoki and I begin walking again, but all of the sudden he grabs my arm and rips me with him away from the middle of the road. We stand on the edge and watch all ten warriors collide into another one of their pits."Now we run!" Hinoki shouts.At this, we both break into a sprint for our lives. We hear the angry voices of the Groupname behind us, and they drive us on to tear down the dirt road even faster.We don't stop until Hinoki

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