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10/03/2015 3:24 pm  #1

MAG/TM #22 (for Nikki)

So, today I will be doing a review of My American Girl/ Truly Me #22. I got her in 2010, right before the conversion to My Ameican Girl, so I got her in the Starry Hoodie Outfit

Doll: This doll has light skin, just as light blonde hair, and blue eyes. In my opinion, her skin looks more olive colored, but that was when her skin was very dirty. It has since been cleaned and looks lighter, but it's still darker than the stock photos. After the Truly Me release, her hair has become more curly/wavy, but my 22, Abigail, is straighter. Her hair is very manageable, but it looks weird in pigtails because she has a lot of short hairs in the back of her wig. Overalll, the doll itself is very pretty, and a very good choice for a first (or 20th : ) ) doll.
Doll:  4.5 out of 5 (because of the hair)

Let me know if y'all want me to do a review on Maryellen next!

Hello! My name is Blossom, theatre kid extraordinare. I love music, dance, acting, the whole performing arts shabang. My favorite musicians are Taylor Swift, Before You Exit, Isac Elliot, Pentatonix, Why Don't We, and Years & Years. I have 15 AG dolls, which are:
Abigail (#22)
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My grandmother's doll, Lanie, also stays with me.So techincally, I have 16 dolls in my posession. ( P.S.- I like color, also, though my favorite is PINK.
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10/03/2015 3:34 pm  #2

Re: MAG/TM #22 (for Nikki)

Thanks Blossom! I think the hair is probably the same as #23's - she has the same length and style, and I've never been able to decide whether I like the hair or not. It's very thin compared to my other dolls', but doesn't show the wig cap badly at all, and is the softest hair of all my AG dolls (except for my 1980s Samantha).

Hi! I'm Nikki I'm 17 years old, and I'm from England.

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