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8/17/2015 8:40 am  #1

MAG #39 (W/Real me outfit 2011)

MAG 39 (Light skin, caramel layered hair, Blue eyes)

I got her for Christmas of 2011, and I was obsessed with her! I completely recommend her!

Appearance: I think she is absolutely gorgeous. She is not super unique, but she is still a doll I recommend. Even if you have Mckenna. A lot of people have decided against her, because she looks too much like Mckenna, but I have Mckenna also, and I don't think she looks like her at all. I will compare both dolls in a different post. Her hair is a really nice caramel color. It's not exactly dirty blond, its leaning more towards brown. Her eyes are just your average blue eyes from AG. Not some special shade like Saige's eyes. I think her face is absolutely adorable, and She looks so cute! 

Durability: I think she has held up well over the years. Her limbs aren't super loose. Her hair is really nice, and it's super silky when you first get her, a little too slippery, and since it's layered, It's really hard to style. I uses to mostly leave it down. But over a little while, my doll's ends got a little dry and frizzy. Mostly becuase I used the wrong brush for a period of time. Oops. But overall she is pretty durable! 

Hair: Her hair is really pretty! Like I said, it's really slippery, layered, and hard to style. But for me, mine has a little bit snarlier hair, so it holds together better. The layers are pretty cute though. They frame her face nicely. For an updo though, I suggest using a headband if your playing with her, because the layers in the front will pop out of the style. Overall, I really like her hair, it's just a little bit hard to style. 

Outfit: I actually really like this outfit. It's a little dull, but most of the purples work well together. The shirt is a tunic style that is super light purple, that it's almost white. It has some colorful printed encouraging words and some butterflies and flowers in the corner. It has a slight cutout v-neck, and it has this weird flap of fabric inside that sometimes sticks out, but only if theres rough play. On one of the sleeves, theres a purple american girl tag. The pants are really cute, and I think they go really well with the outfit. They go well with a lot of other things too. They are a dark purple almost brown color, and they have sewed on roll cuffs. They have no velcro, so their pretty hard to get on, even with the elastic waist. The cuffs are extremely tough to get onto the dolls legs. The shoes are ok, their just light purple, with a slight heel, and have a lighter purple bow on the side. Nothing much. I never use them for anything besides this outfit, because they don't go with much. Overall, I really like this basic outfit and I think the purples go really nice together.

Overall: I really like this doll, and she is really pretty and good for a first doll! 

I will do a MAG 39, and Mckenna comparison on a seperate post! 

If you have any questions, leave them below!

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8/17/2015 10:10 am  #2

Re: MAG #39 (W/Real me outfit 2011)

She's so gorgeous 😍

Just be happy and love yourself no matter what

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