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8/16/2015 12:14 pm  #1

JLY #19 w/I like your style outfit (2008)

Light skin, brown hair with bangs, green eyes.

JLY 19 is my first doll. I got her in 2008 so she came in the meet outfit pictured. The stock photos DO NOT do her justice! She is much prettier in person!

I will review her in different sections below. So enjoy!

Appearance: I think she is really pretty and unique! She is my only doll with bangs, and I love the look of them! Her green eyes are a little too bright for my taste, and a kind of unrealistic, but thats just my opinion. Otherwise, I really like her! She is a Pleasant company doll, so she has a Pleasant Company mark on her neck. She also has an artist mark! Her facemold is also a little different looking than the newer dolls, I personally like the newer version of this facemold better. But I got a good doll so I shouldn't complain. 

Durability: She is really old, and went through some play, but she isn't in the worst condition. She has some pen marks on her face from my sister when she was little, and one of her eyelashes is broken so sometimes it pushes into the opening, but if your pretty careful, It won't happen. Her hair is also a little dry and frizzy but it doesn't bother me.

Hair: Her hair is just basic hair. It's long enough that you can do most styles, but with a new doll the hair might be slippery. Her bangs are really nice. Their not too thick or long, their just perfect. Over the years they have stayed silky, so you won't have to worry about messing them up. They are great also because you can swoop them to the side for a cute look. But on the back of her head, their are some pieces of the bangs that get into the way of some styles which slightly bothers me. 

Outfit: I really like her outfit! Its good quality and super cute and the colors look great on her! The shirt is just cotton and has a flower design in the middle and contrasting onto the sleeves. The collar is ribbon matierial, and it velcros all the way down the back. Mine has a small hole near the collar, but thats just because I have had her for so long. Her skirt is absolutely adorable! its a periwinkle blue color and it has attached shorts underneath which I love! It also has pretty little pleats on it and a small purple AG tag with a star on it in the corner. There is no velcro, but it does have a little bit of elastic. I can't really review the boots, because they got lost, so yeah. She also came with a little I like your Style book and CD, which are ok, but kind of cheesy and weird. 

Overall: I really like this doll, and she makes a fine first doll to me! Shes pretty easy to take care of and shes really cute and unique! I reccomend her!

Heres a photo of her! Don't mind the 3000 followers thing that's when I hit 3k on instagram

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4/26/2016 5:43 pm  #2

Re: JLY #19 w/I like your style outfit (2008)

I have JLY #19 but I got her in the true spirit outfit.

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