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9/11/2017 7:15 am  #1

Prayer Request

I live in DEEP south Tennessee, 20 minutes from the Georgia border, and the edge of Irma is going to hit this afternoon, so if y'all could please pray for me, that'd be great.


9/11/2017 9:09 am  #2

Re: Prayer Request

I'll pray for you, Blue! It'll be hitting here as well.

-Hallie-Português Ninja-MWC Novel Writer. @Ellieannah
introverted teenager-waffle lover-resident ghost of AGH
former roadschooler, current homeschooler


9/11/2017 10:12 am  #3

Re: Prayer Request

I will pray too!

Hello!!! I'm Liz. I am a big tv show/movie person and enjoy 24, Narnia, Person of Interest, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Adam-12, Psych, Blue Bloods, Murdoch Mysteries and many, many more! I am also a big bookworm and my favorite book is The Lord Of The Rings.I am a Roman Catholic. I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite authors, Joseph Pearce, in September 2015 and my picture of him and I is very special to me. I have an Etsy Shop, American Cat Creations. I am an ISTP from the Meyers-Briggs personality test. 

Feel free to send me a PM anytime, I will try to reply ASAP.
My Profile Picture: Is a picture of my (yes, I am writing about these two goofballs :D) favorite books characters (don't tell the others!)!

9/11/2017 7:17 pm  #4

Re: Prayer Request

Hi, I'm Lydia Therese Dyslin. I'm a Christian, homeschooled 13-year-old girl. I'm an ESFJ on the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, blogging, sewing, singing, playing the piano, and cooking. I am on my nearby Christian school's basketball team, and I LOVE it. I am a fangirl and also a TV junkie, and I enjoy many different shows including Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: VOY, Star Trek: DS9, Sherlock, Death in Paradise, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, and Miss Marple. My favorite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and my favorite book series is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. 
I enjoy theology -- I am only 13 so sometimes I'll be reading an article and it is a little beyond me, but I try to research it and think about things within a Christian perspective. I also enjoy politics and economics. Things that make me think. 
That's me!

~Lydia~ <3 

9/11/2017 7:38 pm  #5

Re: Prayer Request

Praying!! I live in the South too, and even though where I live it won't be bad, they've still cancelled school  . Not complaining though!!!

Hello! My name is Blossom, pop princess extraordinare. I love music, dance, acting, the whole performing arts shabang. My favorite musicians are Taylor Swift, Before You Exit, Isac Elliot, Pentatonix, Why Don't We, and Years & Years. I have 15 AG dolls, which are:
Abigail (#22)
Merri (#33)
Rowan (#61)
My grandmother's doll, Lanie, also stays with me.So techincally, I have 16 dolls in my posession. ( P.S.- I like color, also, though my favorite is PINK.
Status: Wanting to go back in time... 
I tried being normal once. Worst twenty minutes of my life.
I am.... imaginative stylish resourceful gutsy outgoing resilient spunky inquisitive fun dramatic bold individualistic creative irresistible artistic outspoken involved thoughtful sweet DIY smart optimistic natural clever honest groovy sensitive

9/11/2017 7:41 pm  #6

Re: Prayer Request

We're getting it now... the power hasn't gone out and our house hasn't been crushed by a tree like in Up.

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