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7/27/2017 7:58 am  #21

Re: I draw!

I will.
Genre :Regular People.
Smile : No
Eyes: Honey Lemon from big hero 6 styled eyes
Color: Green
Clothes: Mal's dress for the last dance in descendants two
Hair : Cinderella style mal color



7/27/2017 3:39 pm  #22

Re: I draw!

Your drawing is currently being.... drawn.

Gif status:
Salut. Which means hi and bye.
I am a 12-and-a-half-year-old demigirl (they/them pronouns), a Hamilton nerd, a flaming homosexual, a Jew, learning French again, an INFP, an anime & manga lover, a future nurse (hopefully) and that kid who actually understands football. I won't be logging in anymore, but don't worry, I don't hate YOU, I only hate... well you'll know if you're one of the ones I hate. 
- Blue
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