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7/06/2017 9:25 am  #1


Please pray for my Uncle Mark! He is in the ER because of a Heart attack. He has had something similar before and needs prayers so the doctors can figure out what is wrong.

Salve! I'm SaintsBridget&Patrick. I go by Liz around here though. I am an amateur writer and photographer. I am currently studying the Latin language for school. I am a big tv show person and enjoy many. If you ever want to know of a show, let me know! I love taking creative pictures and black and whitle pictures (hence the picture below(i did NOT take that I just like it))  I am a fan of the LoRd Of ThE RiNgS, THe HObBiT, THe HuNgeR GaMeS, CoRgIs, NaRnIa, PeRsOn Of InTeReSt, AdAm-12, PyScH, BlUe BlOoDs and AmEriCaN Girl!  I am a ROMAN CATHOLIC! I am currently writing a novel called, The Case Files of Monica Matheson. I own the Etsy shop, American Cat Creations
My avatar: Is a picture of Jim Caviezel and "Bear" from the show Person of Interest
Person of Interest Legacy word count: 3375

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Praying <3

Fé em Deus


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Once, there were children with stars in their veins.
 I'm Daisy, an INTP, ADHD writer with caffiene and a dream.
I believe it is my duty to honor God through fantasy, and I will bombard you with information about faeries until you want to kill me. Ask me about my fandoms.
WIP quote: If we're dead, I can't say "I told you so."
Currently reading: The Midnight Queen
Currently listening: Lions- Skillet

Today we live/Today we breathe/Today we know that we are strong when we are weak/Today we trust/We overcome/Take every chain that kept us slaves and throw 'em off

If you need a reccomendation for clean fantasy/sci-fi books and movies, just ask me!

<> <> Twitter: @Dragoncologist

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