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3/18/2015 5:37 pm  #1

MAG #56

Hi guys, i'm doing a review on MAG #56 okay?
First off, she is GORGEOUS! her hair is a little bit harder for younger kids though. i recomend doing a toothbrush curl:
1. get an unused toothbrush. 
2.have some water.
3. have your doll in your lap or in a salon chair.
4. have a cape or towel around your dolls neck so water doesnt drip.
5. take the toothbrush dip it in water and brush the curl, twist it, brush the end, finish twisting, let go.
6. repeat for all the hair.
It makes my #56's Hair look gorgeous!
her eyes are a original blue color that almost all of the ones with blue eyes have.
and her freckles are nicely painted.
if you have saige. her freckles look like that.
she is really photogenic which is great for me because im on AGIG. and she looks good in almost EVERYTHING you put her in. if you ask me shes a really cute doll i recomend her. if you use the toothbrush curl, her hair will be still silky i curl her hair when its dry and messy.

sorry for the short review but if your planning on getting her, you should. Hope This Helped!

~ Amara ~

~Amara~ (Was from AGFMB) 
Star Wars freak 
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3/20/2015 9:59 am  #2

Re: MAG #56

Thanks! I'm buying #56 in person this Summr at the AGP!

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3/20/2015 6:28 pm  #3

Re: MAG #56

MadCat wrote:

Thanks! I'm buying #56 in person this Summr at the AGP!


~Amara~ (Was from AGFMB) 
Star Wars freak 
Horse lover 
LPS, Barbie, AG dolls, Shopkins
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,h_201,w_500/t_mp_quality_gif/yobpbhmrbhhfrx8tmmnv/rey-is-the-force-awakens-hero-but-is-she-luke-skywalker-s-daughter-star-wars-7-spoiler-757797.gif;h=453
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