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10/17/2014 7:13 pm  #1

Official - How To Get Your Signature Noticed

Hello, fellow friends, members of AG Homeschool! MadCat/Madi here. Currently, typing this, I'm in Florida! God likes to have us travel to Florida, there's a church here He wants us to go to for a bit.

Today I have a topic on how to get the stuff in your signature noticed. Have a prayer request, link to your blog, or anything else you want people's eyes on? Here are some great tips, as well as important guidelines, for keeping your signature annoyance-free but noticable. 

Signature Guidelines to keep in mind:
1. Please try to keep the pictures in your signature to a minimum. I don't know Abbie's rules on this, if she has any, so I'm not going to announce anything. But if your signature has an overload of pictures or GIFs, it can get annoying to scroll through a bunch of photo's and stuff to get to the next post. 

2. There is a signature limit, 2500 characters. If your signature over exceeds that limit, you will not be able to save the changes you made.

How to get the stuff in your signature noticed:

[size=100]1. Select the certain text in bold, italic, underline or all of them

2. Make it a bold color

3. You cannot make text bigger or smaller in your signature. I dunno why, it just doesn't have that option.

4. Put some smiley's around it. 

[size=100]Example text example text[/size]

5. Put the text on a photo. Instead of just typing it, use a free editting system like or and choose a photo and put your text onto it. The photo will attract attention, (just make sure it isn't [size=200]HUGE!!!) and once they see the photo, they'll see the text and read it. 

6. Make it weird letters, such as a capital-then-lowercase pattern. 

eXaMpLe TeXt!!!!!

7. Use big words. I dunno, have't tried this, but try saying supercalifragilicousexpealidocious at random moments.

Example text, text, text, text, Xabout sixteen more than 
[/size]=16pxsupercalifragilicousexpealidocious exampletext, text example examle ptext text aexample exampletext, text example examle ptext text aexample 
=16pxexampletext, text example examle ptext text aexample 
=16pxexampletext, text example examle ptext text aexample supercalifragilicousexpealidocious !

8. Prayer requests will get better noticed if you make a specific thread for it in the Christian Chat.

If you have any questions, feel freee to PM me or Abbie. Have fun typing your signature!

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