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1/02/2018 6:26 pm  #1

I Don't Have A Soulmate~ A Short Story

We'd always been taught that when we found our soulmates, we could take away pain, mental or physical, so long as we bore it ourselves. If we had a soulmate, we'd find them by 9th grade. We were connected, it was only a matter of time.
By 2nd grade, half the class had already found their soulmates.
By 5th, everyone had found their significant other.
Except me.
When this happens, you are transferred to a slower class. People who haven't found their someone yet.
But this class quickly hopped to it and found their person, as if I had been the cue for the strings to start pulling people together.
By the end of 8th grade, I still hadn't found him or her. There was only three others in school who hadn't.
The teachers decided that we four had to be one another's soulmates. It's 3018, the world has school together, each class has a thousand students and there are still so, so many classes. We all speak Spanish to one another. Our world is peaceful, centred around love, peace, hope, justice, care. Nobody has died unnaturally since 2877. The nations joined together in 2708, one giant nation, for the Love Project, where crime, illnesses, unnatural death would be solved. And they were. Almost.
You can still be depressed, and you will. At some point, everyone is depressed and sad and gloomy, for several years. You can't get it before you're six, but anytime after that you will get it, no exceptions, like puberty. Some people die still having it.
And since we no longer get physically sick, we experience physical pain, too. Usually minor, but harsher as you get older. What's even harsher, you take a daily pill that doesn't let your skin break. Keeps you from bleeding, from dying that day. That's how crime was solved, because you could no longer make anyone hurt. Physically. Why this is harsher is that you can't commit suicide. You can't self harm. You have to bear it knowing you won't die until you turned eighty five. And even if you stop taking it, if you took it as a a baby, where it has a big effect on something, I don't know what it is, you will still not be able to hurt yourself. End the pain.
Until you find your soulmate.
But we four, we can't end our pain.
Martha, the eldest, just five months from 9th grade, draws on herself. Her body is a canvas for school markers, ugly drawings, all in red. That's how she deals with it.
Maruko, the only boy, sings and never brushes his hair. His voice is beautiful. His hair is dead.
Jamie, the youngest, listens to Plastic Pop, music from 2900, ugly, hateful music. The lyrics are beautiful on the surface, kind, caring, but under it all, anyone who has their depression knows how ugly and awful it is.
And then there's me.
I don't have a way. I guess I bite my nails, but it's not as effective as Martha's, Maruko's, or Jamie's methods. The nails don't even come off.
Maruko finally found his someone. Martha, after three days.
She scrubbed off her marker scribbles, cut her hair, and gave me her phone number before returning to her regular classes after four weeks with us.
We are still friends.
Jamie and I were alone. We became close friends, we liked each other, and we agreed that we wanted our someone to be each other. I honestly couldn't think of anything better.
But Jamie got her someone. A boy who never attended school because of abusive parents, who was on a walk after a fight with his mom.
I still don't have mine.
It's my first day of 9th grade.
I'm scared.

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