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9/11/2013 5:32 pm  #1

Official 2015 AGH Schedule,

This is the Official Schedule for AGH, Here you can find important activities, dates, and details for AGH. 

January 1st: 

February 13th: Voting For New Pieces, We will be voting on very important things, such as the idea of a new Topic to post on, new Rules, and other business.

March 15th: Spring Colors voting begins,

March 31st: Spring Colors Voting ends,

April 1st: Spring Colors and new Spring Header will be put up,

May 18th: Summer Colors voting begins,

May 31st: Summer Colors voting ends,

June 1st: Summer Colors will be posted as well as new Summer Header,

July 4th: Celebration Day, A celebration of different things will occur.

September 10th: Fall Colors Voting begins,

September 22nd: Fall Colors Voting ends,

September 23rd: Fall Colors and Header will be published,

November 1st: Winter Colors Voting begins,

November 15th: Winter Colors Voting Ends,

November 25th: Winter Colors and Winter Header will be posted,

December 18th: Christmas Party Begins, This is an extra special no fighting time, please be kind and obey the rules,  

December 27th: Christmas Party Ends, Our time of giving and peace has ended, 

"A family isn't just something you're born into.

Hi I'm Abbie the owner of this MB. I am a Christian and Home-schooled. I have ten AG dolls,
Elizabeth, Felicity, Ryder, Rebecca, Charlie, Rosalia, Samantha, Kirsten, Astrid, Kaya, and Luca.
I love Norse mythology, vikings, books, researching my family history, How To Train Your Dragon, school, and potato soup. I am the oldest of three children.

It's also the friends who stood with you.

The ones who fought by your side.

You know that you'll be there for them

And they'll be there for you.

Through the battles that are yet to come."

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