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3/16/2015 5:15 pm  #1


Hey everypony! Is anyone else here a Marvel fanatic? I love all the movies (Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite!), and have been keeping up with a few of the comic series; the new Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Ms. Marvel, and Star Wars. So, anyone else love all things Marvel?

Hey, hey everypony! I'm Valerie, of Valerie and Vera!

I love AG, My Little Pony, Marvel, and Ever After High!


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Have a wonderlandiful day!

4/22/2018 8:41 pm  #2


 This thread is SOOOO old, but I decided to look and see if there was already a Marvel topic before I made one. And there is, so I'll post on this one.  
I hadn't seen any Marvel movies besides both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but recently I watched all the Captain America movies with my friends. It was fun. I enjoyed the movies, but Civil War confused me and I didn't like it much. The First Avenger was definitely my favorite. I want to watch more Marvel when I get the chance! Especially Black Panther. BECAUSE LUPITA, AMIRIGHT?
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