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Games » Poisoned Teacup » Today 11:15 am

LydiaMcCoy wrote:

Of course, they incriminated ME. They couldn't handle my FABULOUS hair. 

Agent Jay: Kirk, your hair is far from fabulous. Now stop talking about it because i don't want to have to reiterate what you said to the judge.


Games » Whatcha Wearin'? » Today 11:14 am

Rosie the Riveter tee shirt.
Cowboy boots.
Hair is in a fishtail braid.

Games » Would You Rather... » Today 11:13 am

Hmmm. London. XD

Minestrone soup or chicken noodle?

Chat Thread » I OPENED A BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! » Today 7:34 am

Thanks, Hallie and Lydia! :D

Homeschool Chat » What are you learning in school now? » Today 6:51 am

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Complete overhaul of my subjects. XD I only have a handful compared to last year but they take FOREVER to do. UGHHHHHHH. 

English: One semester I'm taking Grammar, and the other I'm taking Literature. Right now I'm on Grammar (ugh #boring). 
Science: Earth Science. It's not that bad so far and I like my teacher. 
Math: Pre-Algebra. So far it's super easy especially since I've already done a little Algebra on my own before we bought the new courses for this year. 
Heritage Studies: I'm doing Cultural Geography this year. The book claims I will know every country and capital of the country in the world by heart by the time I'm done. Ummmmm. We'll see about that. XDXD 
Foreign Language: Spanish . . . yep. XD 

That's my updated courses. XD

Games » Would You Rather... » Today 6:44 am

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​WYR visit London or New York City? 

Games » Whatcha Wearin'? » Today 6:41 am

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LydiaMcCoy wrote:

Off-white multicolored boatneck top, and dark pink Candie's pants.

​This. AGAIN. I know. XDXD I have no variety. XD

Games » Poisoned Teacup » Today 6:39 am

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Of course, they incriminated ME. They couldn't handle my FABULOUS hair. 

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